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Content is now the cement of a good marketing strategy. Today, we talk about content marketing. Say goodbye to the pompous sales pitch that doesn’t interest your leads, offer the solution-seeking Internet user expert answers with constructive and quality blog articles, videos, lead magnets, newsletters…

Take into consideration your personas and their decision funnel to create content adapted to each stage: awareness of a problem, consideration of solutions, decision. You must first offer them a range of answers, then solutions and only at the end you must talk about yourself. In concrete terms, your content must be customer-centric!

All these efforts that must be deployed to achieve a successful content strategy will not be in vain. Don’t forget that content marketing is good for your leads who will find valuable answers to their problems, but it is also good for your company. It will help feed your social media strategy and strengthen your SEO. Your business can only be strengthened because it allows you to attract qualified leads and thus to close sales more easily!


  • How to attract more traffic?
  • How to be visible to your target audience?
  • How to identify the right content according to your personas?
  • How to convert better?


  • Set up an editorial line
  • Design the buyer’s decision-making funnel to offer content adapted to each stage of his decision making.
  • Optimize your content for web referencing

Key numbers

  • 80% of Internet users do research on the Internet before contacting a service provider
  • 46% of Internet users have made a purchase after watching a video on a social network.

Technical study and definition of needs

For the launch of each project, you must start by conducting a study of your needs in terms of communication. To elaborate your brand discourse, you need to understand your brand by conducting a strategic and competitive analysis and a study of your targets. You must plan your content and your editorial calendar and then choose the Social Media platforms on which you will relay your content. You must plan an animation of your social networks by setting up a community management action.

Validation of editorial line

Your editorial line structures your discourse and asserts your identity and your e-reputation. Your editorial line includes the messages to be delivered, your target audience and your added value compared to your competitors. It determines on which subjects you will speak, with which tone and using which lexical field. Your SEO objectives and the choice of your keywords are essential to lead your reflection. The frequency of publication and the choice of platforms must also be planned.

Identification of relevant media

To ensure a successful editorial positioning, in terms of SEO and brand image, you must identify the platforms on which you will communicate. Convince, convert, inspire confidence… each social network has its codes and specificities. First of all, you have to identify them and then set them up.

Customized and collaborative reporting

Producing content is good, but not enough. You have to analyze it. You need to define KPIs, i.e. key performance indicators, to measure your actions on social networks. It is necessary to go through the reporting tools of your different Brand Content tools, read and analyze the numbers to draw lessons. You will be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of your Brand Content campaigns.

Content writing

Articles, Tutorials, Interviews, Infographics, White Papers, How-To’s, Newsletters, Videos… content creation is rich and varied. One thing is common: you need to tell a story, provide educational, informative, useful or entertaining content and deliver your brand’s DNA to create an emotional universe between you and the user.

Social Posts and Interaction

Once your content is written, you need to plan its enhancement and interact with your community. You need to control your brand’s e-reputation through a community management action to interact with your community. What are your subscribers and fans saying and where are they saying it? The analysis and understanding of these conversations allow the construction and the development of your community.

Video production

From web series to tutorials to interviews, video is powerful, visible and strategic content. The video must answer the question “what is your video content for?” and the objective is to tell the brand’s story in images. From the briefing, to the identification of the speakers, to the writing of the script, to the filming, to the editing, including the creation of personalized content such as jingles, music, or logos, video is a real added value for your targets, prospects and customers.


Curation is a practice that consists in doing selective and informative monitoring on a given theme and sharing it with your audience, either on your blog or on social networks. Thanks to content aggregators, which are tools for selecting and compiling information, you can pool your selection work and share it in a clear and concise way for the benefit of your customers and prospects. Articles, images, videos, sounds…, it’s up to you to choose what will interest your target, your web users.

White papers

A white paper is a practical guide to a product, technique or issue for your prospects and customers. It is a content marketing strategy that allows you to position yourself as an expert in your field. Downloadable through a form on a landing page, the white paper is an objective reference report, treated in an objective manner. Aimed at a targeted audience, it highlights your company’s desire to share its know-how and offer credible solutions to a given professional issue. Of course, and this is a prerequisite, this document does not have a direct promotional objective. Its theme must be of great interest to your target and have a high added value.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a principle aiming at bringing the customer to you rather than going to look for him, as in a more traditional form. “The goal is to become your own brand, your own media by writing quality articles on your blog, optimizing your keywords for search engines and using social networks to promote your site and your content. In short, the goal is to build a community of interest around your brand, your products and to turn your prospects into customers. At the same time, you need to measure your traffic and analyze your data in order to optimize your ROI, your return on investment.

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