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PumpUp’s support includes various elements:

Conducting an SEO audit of your internal website. The direction of your netlinking depends on the conclusions of the audit carried out beforehand.

  • Definition of the strategy to be implemented
  • Obtaining external links: monitoring of influential media in your sector and partnership agreement
  • Creation of quality anchors: mix of generic, branded and specific anchors

The results of a netlinking strategy are not instantaneous, it requires in-depth work, time and patience. That’s why our experts accompany you day after day and debrief their actions as they go along. Communication and transparency is key in the support of our customers on this netlinking strategy.


  • How to get external links?
  • How to optimize anchor links ?
  • How to improve the authority of my website ?


  • Improve your Trust Flow
  • Improve your Citation Flow
  • Boost the authority of my website


  • Get 100’s of quality links
  • Have a domain authority > 40
  • Get a Trust Flow > 50

What is off-page SEO ?

Dofollow links

Dofollow links are closely followed by search engine robots. They are identified as important links, and their weight is even more important for the site to which the link points. It is possible to create Dofollow links: from which site? Pointing to which page? With what anchor?

Nofollow links

If they are in “Nofollow”, Google is not supposed to take into account these backlinks. However, a website without nofollow backlinks is not natural. It is therefore necessary to implement a netlinking strategy including nofollow links! A site with only dofollow backlinks is likely to be penalized for over-optimization. Playing the natural card will be a winning strategy for your SEO.

Backlinks et Popularité

The number of backlinks is a determining factor of the popularity of a site, but not only. It is also important to ensure that they come from different sites. At the same time, these sites must be of good quality, and ideally that they are well positioned in SEO. As for the theme of the site on which the Backlinks are created, they must have a link with the destination site of the link !


To create both quality backlinks and help a website to get a lasting reputation, a blogging strategy can be implemented. By writing articles, or contacting influencers, the possibilities are varied. This is part of an overall off-site SEO strategy. You can even add the brick of Inbound Marketing by creating high quality content.


Taking part in thematic forums allows to make a brand known, and also to circulate links about it. It is an opportunity to communicate on the website, to make known products or services while creating Nofollow backlinks in a natural way. In addition, your presence on the forums can occasionally generate qualified traffic to your website or even some product pages.

Social networks

Actions taken on Social Networks have an indirect impact on SEO. Nevertheless, any Off-page SEO strategy must include at least one Social Network: community building, brand awareness, etc. All these actions generate natural backlinks and improve the CTR on natural search results, as the website is more and more known.

Customer Reviews

Customer review platforms are an opportunity to get people talking about a site and to improve its conversion rate. Creating profiles on different platforms of this type allows to create new backlinks. It is also a great opportunity to increase brand awareness, which will impact the natural referencing of a website.

Natural Netlinking

Creating quality backlinks is one of the most effective levers for off-page SEO. In parallel, it is necessary to work on partnerships and relationships to make your site known and encourage others to talk about it. Press and public relations, partnerships with influencers or network of relations will often allow you to generate the creation of interesting backlinks.

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