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PumpUp, the SEO agency that will get you to the top of the search results

Today, it is crystal clear that quality and user experience have become central to organic referencing. You know, this technique which consists in positioning your website at the top of the first page of search results (Google, Bing, Yahoo…) for a given keyword. Not only must the search engine robots be able to access, analyze and understand your site quickly, but also the content you publish must be relevant and well structured for your target !

And of course, this quality is only possible with a strong commitment from the PumpUp SEO agency teams. That's why we dedicate our work to a small group of clients, to ensure that your SEO is sustainable and competitive. This allows our team to have enough time to devote to your SEO strategy, but also to keep an active watch on Google's algorithm updates.

We stand out from other SEO agencies !


We are an independent SEO agency.


We are close to our customers thanks to 3 local agencies in Paris, Lille and Grenoble.


We are a partner of the SEOCamp.


We have over 40 SEO consultants.


Our experts are QASEO certified.


We are a Hubspot partner agency.


People are at the heart of our values.

Our SEO agency, a guarantee of excellence

What drives us is the satisfaction of our clients, the joy we bring them by announcing the improvement of their performance. PumpUp is a family, and human relations are at the heart of our operations. That’s why we do everything we can to create a relationship of trust with our clients. Regular updates, transparency, justification, analysis and dashboards guide our processes and our collaboration with you throughout the project.

At PumpUp, SEO is a two-step process. On-site optimization and off-site optimization.

For onsite optimization, PumpUp’s traffic managers work on optimizing the website’s pages (header, content, URLs, media).

Once this work is complete, our experts begin the off-site optimization by registering your website with search engines and directories. The improvement of the positions passes then by the Netlinking and the increase of the notoriety.

Our services

The definition of your SMART objectives in line with your business strategy

The SEO strategy of your website and therefore the objectives related to it must be in harmony with the global strategy and the business objectives of your company. Otherwise, the results obtained may not be relevant. Thus, at the launch kick-off, we discuss your general objectives (sales, number of leads, average basket, number of products sold, etc.). In order to determine coherent objectives for your natural referencing (monthly traffic, number of unique visitors, bounce rate…).

An audit of your site's technical points

The infrastructure of your website must be reliable and scalable to rise quickly in the search results. Our audit covers various non-exhaustive points: site architecture, robots.txt, loading time, canonicalization, sitemap, Https headers, linkjuice management, study of CMS ….

Visibility audit (keywords and targeting)

Before any SEO project, our collaborators also carry out a visibility audit. In concrete terms, this means that our experts carry out a study of the semantic field of your content, the keywords with high potential for your business. We are also there to define with you the best themes to address to attract your target. We detect for you the opportunities with high ROI.

A content audit

Content is central in an SEO strategy. Just like in an inbound marketing strategy, since it’s linked. As a Hubspot agency, we conduct an in-depth study of your personas and the content that will interest them in order to create the best seo and inbound marketing campaigns. We conduct a study of your buyer persona to create the best content strategy. We also work on all the elements that are important in the eyes of Google or Bing: semantic field, semantic markup, writing urls, usability, image optimization, accessibility….

A netlinking audit (popularity of external links)

It is important to have quality links, not quantity, that point to your site. It is nowadays one of the determining factors of the ranking in the pages of Google search engines. However, it is necessary to be very careful when doing netlinking in order not to be penalized by Google’s algorithms.

A social audit

You need to integrate a social dimension in your digital strategy. Posts on social networks bring traffic to your website by sharing links. These links can themselves be shared by other users creating new links bringing, once again, traffic. Social posts are mainly used to improve the positioning and visibility of your brand. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest are the most important social networks in SEO.

Operational implementation

We don’t stop at recommendations. PumpUp is an operational agency. This means that we also implement all the recommendations detailed in our SEO audits.

Analysis of the results

We share with you access to a data studio made in PumpUp that allows you to have real-time results of our actions. We also organize regular meetings to discuss performance and monitor the progress of our actions.

As you can see, our method is based on quality rather than quantity! And that’s what SEO is all about today!

Today, we talk about SXO (UX+SEO), content quality, technical quality of the site, etc.

Our SEO agency, a guarantee of excellence

What drives us is the satisfaction of our clients, the joy we bring them by announcing the improvement of their performance. PumpUp SEO is a family business, and human relations are at the heart of our operations. That’s why we do everything we can to create a relationship of trust with our clients. Regular updates, transparency, justification, analysis, dashboards guide our processes and our collaboration with you throughout the project.

At PumpUp, SEO is a two-step process. On-site optimization and off-site optimization. For on-site optimization, our traffic managers work on optimizing the website’s pages (header, content, URLs, media). Once this work is complete, our experts begin the off-site optimization. The improvement of the positions passes then by the Netlinking and the increase of the notoriety.

Other Services SEO

In short, PumpUp's SEO agency is

The commitment of our teams to your project.
A strategic AND operational agency for on-page and off-site seo.
Quality rather than quantity is at the heart of our strategy.
An adjustment of the actions according to the collected data
A hand-in-hand partnership

Discover our 4 SEO referents

Paul Raimond
Paul - Agency director and SEO expert for 10 years

Passionate about organic and paid search engine optimization, Paul regularly provides training on these issues, both for our partners and our customers. Concerned about combining visibility and profitability, his working methods are based exclusively on reading the data associated with the specificity of each business model.

Chloé - Acquisition Manager and Certified SEO Expert

Traffic Manager for 5 years at PumpUp Paris, Chloé is one of our senior consultants in paid and organic referencing. She is constantly on the lookout for new search engine developments and holds the QASEO certification from SEO CAMP. She puts all her SEO expertise to work for our clients' websites and for the training of our teams.

Lucas - Acquisition Manager and Certified SEO Expert

Traffic Manager for the past 4 years at PumpUp Roubaix, Lucas holds the QASEO certification from SEO CAMP and manages the agency's technical teams.

Amélie - Traffic Manager - SEO Expert France & Export

Passionate Traffic Manager. Amélie uses her technical knowledge in digital marketing and e-business to develop your presence and profitability on the web. And because the web is constantly evolving, she helps you to identify the latest trends.

PumpUp's SEO offers

2 500 €

It is essential to analyze the current situation to define the priority actions and create a roadmap. Our experts audit your site on more than 30 criteria and deliver you an action plan to perform.

ON-PAGE SEO management
1 000 €/mois

Our team of certified professionals are mobilized to ensure your website is ranking organically to drive business grow.

On & Off page management
1 500 €/mois

This offer includes on-page strategy (tag, content, internal mesh...) and link building.

Our clients talk about our SEO expertise

Ferlam - PME industrielle

Ferlam, an industrial SME active in the manufacture and design of thermal insulation textile solutions, had difficulties in generating new contacts.

“Our products are designed to protect our customers’ people and products in high temperature environments. We realized that we were having more and more difficulty generating new contacts. This was a real pain point since we already had 160 customers in 35 countries around the world. So we had to find other opportunities. We realized that our target audience was doing a lot of their research on the Internet and therefore we needed to have an online presence as early as possible in the buyer’s journey.

We chose PumpUp because, from the very first exchanges, there was a real professionalism and quality in the explanation of their business and in the listening they were willing to give us for our business.

PumpUp has implemented a strategy based on value and not on numbers, which we appreciated because the number of contacts was not the most important thing for us. On the other hand, the qualification of the contacts we have is extremely important and even crucial for our future business. The three main areas of work were: structuring the ecosystem, SEO audit, setting up Google Ads, Linkedin and setting up an inbound marketing strategy with Hubspot. Today, PumpUp brings us about 15 highly qualified leads per month (100K) via SEO/SEA.

There is a real exchange between the two teams and as the internal skills are (thanks to PumpUp) increasing, this allows us to make real decisions quickly on a number of budgets to be redirected and this is extremely interesting.

The human side of the relationship with PumpUp goes very well since they are right next door to us and it’s always great to have people nearby that we can call on regularly.”

Pavillon prévoyance, a multi-product health insurance company, needed a reliable partner to support them in their traffic acquisition

“We are a mutual health insurance company that offers health coverage. We have invested the web for about ten years with three websites.

For 10 years we have been accompanied by several providers. At the time, we had problems of referencing and tracking, we combined home-made while working a little with providers. This was not working and we wanted someone who was an expert in acquisition and in the optimization of this acquisition.

It was essential for us to look for a service provider partner who was truly specialized in this area. PumpUp, with its knowledge of the business and the proper use of Google and the web, was able to guide us towards the most effective keywords, expressions and ads. The first step was an audit of the sites’ performance in order to understand which areas were profitable and which areas were causing the sites to lose profitability.

From this, PumpUp was able to put in place a traffic acquisition and conversion strategy using Google Ads and organic search.

After one year, this allowed us to reduce our cost of acquisition by 8%. We also multiplied by 3 the conversion rate with an internal budget.

This is a performance that meets our No. 1 challenge. What we appreciate most about PumpUp is their attentiveness and transparency.”

The benefits of SEO

Take advantage of the most ROI-effective lever

No acquisition lever is completely free and to say that SEO will cost you nothing would be lying to you. An effective seo strategy requires to put in place the resources in time and money. But, on the one hand these resources will be less important than in SEA, and on the other hand, once correctly positioned on the targeted keyword the traffic will not cost you a single euro. It is therefore the most profitable digital lever !

Opt for the guarantee of a better CTR

Even though paid search queries are found before organic search queries in the search results, the click-through rate is still better on SEO links. This is mainly due to the trust placed in natural links rather than paid links.

Give yourself a long-lasting visibility

Unlike a paid search strategy, seo is about the long term. It can be difficult to get to the top, but once you’re there, it’s hard to be dethroned. Your position is acquired durably.

Benefit from an acquisition lever that improves conversion

As we have just seen, people trust natural links more. This is because SEO reflects several positive factors: your reputation, your ability to understand the questions of your users, etc. This increases your credibility and therefore facilitates conversion.

Tools used by our SEO experts

Search Console, My Ranking Metrics, Screaming Frog, SemRush, Majestic, SeeURank, GtMetrix, Pingdom Tools, Xenu… are some of the solutions PumpUp experts use to improve your ranking on Google and other search engines.

Rank 1st on Google organically

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  • Is an SEO audit worth it ?
  • Optimize the SEO of your website
  • Improve the technical aspect of your website
  • Benefits of using an SEO company
What is SEO ?

Being on the first page of search results is the ultimate goal of every website. It is the only guarantee to attract more traffic. SEO appears, therefore, as the best way to achieve this. Finely thought strategies must be put in place to ensure more visibility on the web. The organic referencing is defined as opposed to the paid referencing called “SEA”. A winning SEO strategy must take into account the criteria that Google uses to rank websites: web content, reputation, technical accuracy and netlinking.

Producing quality content means providing texts, images and videos that are relevant for the users. More this information is valued, the more it will be shared on other websites, forums and social networks: this increases the credibility, and therefore, the reputation of your site. Google’s algorithms also make sure that your pages are downloaded quickly and that the links that lead to them are also visible.

What is the SEO pyramid?

The SEO pyramid is a schematic representation of the essential components of SEO. It is declined on 4 levels: content, keywords, netlinking and social networks. The base of this pyramid must however be solid enough to guarantee and increase its development in height. The quality of a website is, in fact, measured through its content and ease of use. The Internet user, coming to look for answers to a given problem, must benefit from a good visitor experience. Moreover, the keywords, which appear in the URL, the Meta description, the images, the videos and the texts, must correspond to those used by the Internet user when he formulates his request to Google. You must then take into account their popularity, competitiveness, simplicity and semantic consistency. In addition, Google identifies pages that are recommended by other sites. If you are part of a solid network, you will manage to climb the ranking ladder quickly. Finally, there is no better way to optimize your SEO than through social networks. Google pays special attention to comments and shares: a complementary way to improve your ranking.

What is the future of SEO?

With more than 5 billion daily requests on Google, companies have everything to gain by searching for their potential customers and readers on the web. If SEO is the best way to get noticed, the competition, becoming increasingly tough, can quickly become an obstacle. Positioning yourself on competitive keywords in a saturated niche is an uphill battle. Moreover, with Smartphone, clicks are becoming rare and voice search is taking over the good old article. What should you do? Give up on SEO? Absolutely not! You will have to redouble your efforts to maintain and increase your presence. Social networks are a good way to explore as they generate interaction, sharing and information requests. Other approaches will surely be developed, but the organic referencing on Google will remain king.

How to get free traffic ?

To get more traffic on the web, you don’t necessarily have to pay! Thanks to these 3 practices, you can create a SEO strategy that is very beneficial to attract and retain visitors. First of all, you need to propose quality content. To do this, define a clear strategy by identifying your target audience while establishing the frequency of publications, your objective and what distinguishes you from your competitors. Don’t neglect the power of a convincing title, varied content and captivating images. Next, take care of your social media pages. Be present on all fronts, taking into account the particularities of each social network. What is shared must be punchy and to the point whether it is a podcast, an image or a video. Finally, stay current and follow the trends. Post content on other websites, interact with users, offer a giveaway to collect emails and continually check the effectiveness and relevance of your strategy.

How to get traffic on my website?

It is not enough to get visitors for your website, you need to get qualified traffic. To know your audience, you need to study their demographics, taking into account age and gender. Location and interests also allow you to identify the typical profile of your visitors, without forgetting the type of device they use. In addition to these 5 criteria, knowing and avoiding the factors that prevent you from acquiring qualified traffic is an essential step. Be aware that choosing keywords that are too general or competitive is the best way to miss your ideal audience. Choose a relevant semantic field and create around it quality content with a real added value for your visitors. Thus, it is strongly recommended to measure your KPIs by taking the bounce rate into consideration in order to evaluate the quality of your visitors rather than limiting yourself to their number.

What is black hat ?

Black hat is defined as opposed to white hat. While the latter refers to legal practices used to test the security of websites, the former refers to unscrupulous techniques that threaten their safety. However, the distinction between these 2 categories of hacking is not as clear-cut as it seems, since those who chose black hat end up going the other way after being hired by the platforms they broke into thanks to their computer and cyber security genius. Black hat involves various methods starting with injection (remote action to access the user’s PC), then Negative seo (reporting content to Google to downgrade the competitor’s site), Cloaking (showing one version of the site to Google and another to users) and finally, Hidden (hiding a script from Google’s algorithms). To avoid being black hat, a web agency must take care of the security of your site. Thanks to our team of experts, we can protect you from hacking to guarantee you an optimal organic referencing.

How to stand out from competitors in Google's organic results?

Even if Google reigns supreme with its 91.5% of the French market, the Bing and Yahoo search engines also attract traffic that you can take advantage of. To stand out, you can increase your visibility on these platforms. If you want to have a strong presence on Bing, you need to optimize your tags and Hn titles, take care of your meta tags and keywords, establish a good backlinks strategy, work on your social networking pages and bet on multimedia content. Google Snippets, which is another way of displaying Google, implies other practices to improve the position of a site such as identifying the questions asked by Internet users and provide a relevant answer, produce well-structured texts, create a summary, opt for an easy-to-understand format such as tables and work, in the long term, on the authority of the domain by providing regular quality content and backlinks. There are still many techniques to make you stand out. We do everything possible to boost your site’s ranking by applying conventional methods and more elaborate strategies.

How to improve my SEO strategy ?

SEO strategy, being undoubtedly a long-term strategy, involves different methods that should be divided into 2 main categories.

The first, called the on-page SEO, concerns the internal architecture of your website which must facilitate the experience of the Internet user. After choosing the categories and sub-categories, you should write your URLs properly as well as your Meta Description tag. But the most important rule remains the quality of the content which must be rich, clear and specific enough to answer the request of your visitors, ensure their return to your site and encourage them to share your texts, images and videos on social networks.

The second one, called off-page SEO, consists in having a netlinking strategy. Think about writing sponsored articles and press releases to create your brand image and enhance your presence in your field of activity.

Our SEO agency helps you work on these 2 components by giving special attention to your social media strategy, not only Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but also Pinterest: one of the invaluable sources of traffic!

How to get position 0 on Google?

The zero position corresponds to the optimized extract that appears on the first page of search results before the first organic result. To reach this privileged ranking, you must have a website approved by the search engine, position yourself on keywords formulated by the user in his question, prefer expressions of long tail keywords, take care of the Title Tag, the Meta Description, the Hn and the URL and, finally, optimize your content. This position is even more important if your persona prefers to search via smartphone.

How do Google's algorithms work?

As the guardians of the search engine’s credibility, Google’s algorithms work simultaneously by downgrading failing websites while favoring those that play by the rules.

Released in 2011, Panda detects quality content.

It was followed, in 2012, by Penguin whose task is to identify over-optimized pages, especially with simulated backlinks.

Hummingbird appeared in 2013 to improve the understanding of site content and ensure better responses in search results.

More recently, Pigeon (2014) has the mission of improving local SEO.

One thing is for sure: seducing these algorithms requires professional know-how. We put our expertise at your disposal in order to spot new developments and continue to master the rules of the game without upsetting Google.

Is an SEO audit worth it ?

The audit corresponds to an exhaustive assessment of your site. It consists in identifying the parameters that guarantee its visibility such as the bounce rate and the loading time for example in order to rectify the situation. This analysis is coupled with a study of your pages to assess their compliance with the rules imposed by Google and which are constantly evolving. The audit should also focus on your competitors in order to identify their strengths and the methods they use to reach the first search results. Who knows? You may discover some weaknesses in other sites that you will avoid reproducing in yours. But such an approach can only be taken by experts. If you do not have the necessary skills among your teams to carry out a strategic audit, we will be happy to do it!

How to conduct an SEO audit ?

The SEO audit is divided into 10 steps. At first, we analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your website by checking the ease of access to the pages, the quality of the content and its relationship with other sites. We then make sure that robots can access them easily and that all pages are indexed on Google. The compliance of your URLs with the practices imposed by the search engine is also verified. We review your content from text length to keyword relevance. The HTML markers must, in turn, be examined in particular the Meta Title and the Meta Description. The audit also allows us to determine the level of popularity of your website by checking the backlinks. Finally, we also proceed to the analysis of competing sites. N°10 : For an in-depth audit, an SEO agency will do a better job.

How to optimize the organic referencing of my website?

To optimize your SEO strategy, the choice of keywords is fundamental. Choose those that have a great potential to allow you to reach your target where it is. Moreover, a confirmed talent for web writing is an indispensable asset to produce fluid, well-structured and captivating texts. Faced with the avalanche of content available, the Internet user becomes more selective and only lingers on articles that can satisfy his curiosity or provide a solution for the problem he is facing. If you want to shine on the web, also think about setting your tags: Meta Title, Meta Description and page categories. Icing on the cake: give your website more visibility by controlling its presence on social networks. Save time by calling on our team of experts to optimize your positioning on the search engine.

What are the rules for optimizing my web content?

Apply these rules to create SEO optimized web content :

  • Start by understanding the importance of posting frequency.
  • Posting content regularly on your site strengthens your relationship with your audience, which is why you should create a blog.
  • A good content strategy, however, requires choosing keywords that are relevant to the search performed by the user.
  • To improve the user experience and guarantee the satisfaction of your visitors, you must create a “mobile friendly” site adapted to the search on Smartphone, in particular to the voice search.
  • Furthermore, only well-organized and easy-to-read articles have the potential to attract readers.
  • When writing your articles, remember to be clear and concise by dividing your texts into small paragraphs.
  • Finally, optimize your content for social networks or entrust us with this task and benefit from the expertise of our teams.
What are the tools to optimize my SEO?

Here are free tools available on the web to optimize your SEO :

“Google Page speed Insights” to measure the speed of your pages, “Google Analytics” to evaluate the performance of your site, “Google Trends” to choose appropriate keywords, “Google Webmaster Tools” to perform your audit, “QuickSprout Website Analyser” to diagnose your site and those of your competitors, “Moz Toolbar” to enter the details of your SEO page by page, “Keyword Tool” to generate keywords, “SEO Keyword Tool” to analyze your keyword choice in more depth, “Siteliner” to spot plagiarized content, “Google Search Console” to detect your site’s shortcomings and malicious attacks, “SEMrush” for a better understanding of your competitors’ choice and use of keywords and, finally, “Google AdWords Keyword Planner” to spot low-competition and high-potential keywords. We select, for you, the most efficient tools to optimize your content.

How to measure my SEO actions?

The starting point for measuring your SEO efforts is organic traffic. If your website is attracting traffic, you are on the right track. However, you will need to check your keyword rankings using specific tools such as Rank Tracker for example. If you want to get a good ranking in the SERPs, the number of shares on social networks is a determining factor. Then monitor the reactions and actions of your audience on these platforms. The conversion and click-through rate is also an indicator of the success of your SEO strategy. Add to that the number and relevance of your backlinks. For an exhaustive analysis of your SEO actions, our team uses all these techniques and offers you the most appropriate solutions to fill the gaps in your strategy.

What is a Zombie page?

Zombie pages are the pages that have a number of SEO failures and therefore generate very little traffic. To spot them, you must be able to use Google Analytics. Rather than deleting your haunted pages, always keep in mind that Google judges the whole site and not individual pages. Thanks to our team of experts, we can detect your “zombies” and merge them into high-value pages. You will quickly see the results of such an approach by observing your site rise in the search engine ranking.

How to detect high potential keywords?

Knowing how to detect the right keywords is an essential asset to boost your traffic. Knowing that 20% of them attract 80% of your audience, it is in your interest to devote the necessary effort and attention to them. Use the Google Search Console to identify keywords that match your target audience’s needs rather than those related to your products or services. Entrust this task to our experts who will be able to establish a meticulous research by referring to these 4 categories: nagivational, informational, decisional and transactional.

What is the importance of HN tags?

HN tags are the pillars of the hierarchy of information in a textual content. When well arranged, they structure the text and create coherence between its different parts. Knowing that the reader starts reading your article diagonally, these tags make it easier for him to find the information that corresponds to his request. What’s more, they guarantee a better display in the search results on Google. Remember to take care of the initial tag of your h1 article, by including keywords that correspond to your theme and the formulas used by Internet users. We help you structure your pages to facilitate reading and reduce the bounce rate.

What is a Title and Meta Description tag?

The Meta Title of a web page, not to be confused with the title, is the first element that Internet users see. It must give an idea, both general and precise, of the content. In short, it is what solicits or dissuades a click from your potential visitors. Just like your audience, Google’s algorithm refers to it to rank your page. So remember to choose the right length and the right keywords for your title tag. To optimize the Meta Description, you need to take into account essential criteria that give a persuasive power to the sentences it is composed of: clarity, conciseness, attractiveness and a stimulating call-to-action. Writing these tags requires the know-how and precision of our SEO experts.

HTTPS site, is it really important?

The https protocol is essential to secure the data that circulates on your website and to guarantee its identity. It is a hypertext transfer designed to ensure communication between the server and the client. Since 2019, migrating your site to an http has become mandatory. This obligation was preceded by a massive incentive from Google to adopt this protocol by announcing that 30% of search results displayed on the first page have done so and more than 60% of web pages requested on the browser have also moved to http. To improve your referencing and to take care of your e-reputation, call our agency and pass your site quickly in http.

What is page indexing?

To ensure a good ranking for your site, all your pages must be displayed in the search results. Google must then easily access your Sitemap file in order to index your web pages. Indexing requires a lot of work and skills in the field of organic referencing. That’s why our team puts its expertise at your disposal by performing complex tasks related to the indexing process such as checking the sending of an HTTPX-Robot-Tag noindex or none header.

How do I fix Google indexing?

If some of your pages are struggling to appear in the search results, there is a good chance that it is due to an indexing problem. How to solve it? By entrusting this task to our teams who will identify the reasons for the non-indexation such as a page referring to another HTTP code than 200 or the sending of an HTTPX-Robot-Tag noindex or none header. We improve the internal linkage of your site and make sure that the Meta robot tag of the web pages as well as the robots.txt file are not a barrier to indexing.

Is robots.txt necessary for SEO?

The robots.txt file is among the first files analyzed by spiders. It prevents search engine robots from indexing certain pages of your site. Our experts use this robot to de-index static pages, pages under construction and pages containing confidential information in order to keep only the pages that deserve to be indexed.

What are the operating errors?

To obtain a list of your 404 pages, our team locates the broken pages on your site that the search engine continues to index. Our experts use the Screaming Frog tool, which has the same operating mode as Google’s robots, except that this software will work in your favor by showing you the operating errors as well as a large number of details related to your web pages.

Does page speed really matter?

Knowing that 53% of Internet users leave a site if its loading speed exceeds 3 seconds, working on this parameter helps attract more traffic to your pages. We use different tools to test and detect slowness problems. Our experts use very powerful tools like Google PageSpeed Tool and Test My Site. For a more advanced level of analysis, we apply and GT Metrics to help you retain your visitors once they have chosen to click on your page link.

Should we neglect the architecture of the website and the writing of URLs?

Be careful, you should never neglect the writing of your URLs and the architecture of your site! Why? Because the essential rule for referencing your web pages is to optimize the user experience. Google Panda is in charge of observing and analyzing visitors’ behavior: the more organized your site is, the more coherent your categories and sub-categories are, the more accessible your product is, the better your ranking will be on the search engine. This goes hand in hand with a URL that describes the content of the page and contains your keywords.

Pourquoi est-ce pertinent de faire appel à une agence seo ?

Referencing a website and improving its ranking on the search engine is a real challenge. Call on a SEO agency to select relevant keywords, increase your traffic, follow the SEO trends that are constantly evolving, identify technical flaws to remedy them, analyze and improve your content strategy… So many actions that you can only entrust to experienced specialists in order to acquire more visibility on Google.

What service and ROI to expect from my SEO agency?

To increase the traffic of your site, using a SEO agency is a very beneficial step to establish your reputation on the web. We take care of identifying and understanding your needs. Our team performs an exhaustive audit, provides you with optimized content and develops a winning netlinking strategy. You can evaluate the scope and results of our intervention by referring to the basic statistics, the conversion rate and your turnover.

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