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Google Analytics is essential to know the profile of your users and make better decisions for your business.

It allows you to understand and analyze the behavior of Internet users on your site. How does your target find your products or services? The tool is also essential to understand the performance of the different traffic acquisition levers: sea, seo, social networks, direct, newsletter… that lead to the site, the blog or the landing page.

In a blink of an eye, you can identify the pages that attract traffic, those that convert, the leakage points, the geolocation of Internet users, the products put in the basket, the most viewed services…

All the resources you need to optimize your web marketing actions !

Analytics is a key factor in digital marketing and optimization of e-commerce sites for decision makers. This tool allows you to manage and optimize your digital advertising investments and to develop their sustainable growth. Your strategic decisions must result from the collection and analysis of your data.
Web analytics allows websites to measure all the flows inherent to their activity and therefore to accurately track conversions. With PumpUp and the creation of data tracking projects, you can now get a global view of the performance of your acquisition campaigns and their ROI.
Ready to analyze your data, your performance indicators and understand your users in order to better support your company in the optimization of its digital strategy? Trust our Data Manager and Traffic Manager who are all at the forefront of changes.

We stand our from other Web analytics agencies !

We have a real pole specialized in Analytics and Data Measurement
Our specialists take care of your plan (adapted to your budget)
We accompany you on the installation of the scripts
We work directly with your tools
Our Analytics services work with the support of our Traffic Managers.
Our experts have numerous Analytics certifications
We have created a real data tracking tool via data studio
Each project includes a phase of verification of analytical information after the fact
We have proven multi-sector expertise.

Our web analytics agency, a guarantee of excellence

Our Data Managers will help you set up your tool in order to optimize your digital issues, measure the profitability of your advertising investments, evaluate the failures of your website and optimize your marketing.

They perform an Analytics audit, create a tagging plan and configure and deploy analytics tools: Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, call tracking.

In short, our web analytics agency is :

Data and acquisition experts
A full methodology
Data for your acquisition actions
Optimized services by combining Analytics with Data Studio
Solutions used by our experts

Solutions used by our experts

google analytics agency
google ads agency
matomo analytics agency

Our methodology

Our customized web analytics programs are designed to help you measure the profitability of your advertising investments and manage your investments.

Analyze your performance according to your different traffic sources, identify and measure shopping cart abandonment rate, evaluate the failures of a contact form or an online quote, integrate the measurement of incoming calls as a source of conversion in your sales, compare mobile and desktop audiences… These are just some of the webmarketing actions undertaken by our data experts.

Meet our 2 Data Manager

Sylvain Poquet
Sylvain Poquet - CTO / Head of the R&D department and Analytics expert

Trained as a developer, Sylvain quickly became interested in CRM development and then in web-based prospective systems. About 15 years ago, he started using Analytics to complement CRM data and optimize marketing investments. Today, with Pumpup, he develops data and technical expertise while remaining in contact with clients through the implementation of analytics KPI.

Nathan Sanchez - Data Manager

Nathan started his career as a full-stack web developer for an e-commerce website. He joined the PumpUp team in 2016 and joined the data department. He assists clients in the installation of tracking scripts and in the use of audience measurement tools. His experience as a developer allows him to develop diagnostic tools for these tools.

Our services


You don't have access to your digital data. Our certified data managers configure the right tools so that you can measure all of the inbound contacts generated by your site as well as all of the information that allows you to make the right decisions.


You don't measure the business activity of your e-commerce website correctly. Our certified Data Managers set up a complete tagging plan allowing you to get the right data and configure your dashboards for an optimal business vision.


Getting lost in the various reports and traffic sources? Not sure if you're reading them correctly? Call on our data experts to help you maintain and update your web analytics.

Some key figures

Google Analytics : more than 29 billion tracked sites
In 2020, there is 1.78 billion websites in the world
66 %
of VSEs and SMEs have a website
53 %
of website visitors leave if the loading time is longer than 3 seconds

Our clients talk about our expertise on web analytics

Alliance Piscine, a family-owned business in the family pool sector, needed to register more leads at a better cost.

“We manufacture swimming pools in 6 factories in France for the French market and neighbouring areas. Even though our market is competitive and our means relatively limited and constrained compared to our ambitions of national distribution, little by little, with the help of PumpUp, we have gone from a few thousand registered forms to more than 10,000 forms per year. PumpUp has succeeded in working on more refined targeting, which means that with the same amount of traffic, or even less, we manage to get more good quality forms. Our customer acquisition cost has gone from about 100 euros to about 15 euros. With PumpUp, we have a quality information dashboard and therefore a continuous improvement system every month. The quality of the human relationship, the professionalism and the efficiency, marked by figures, make PumpUp feel considered!”

The benefits of web analytics : Measure and analyze your audiences and manage your investments

A key for a good marketing strategy, web analysis allows websites to measure all the flows inherent to their activity. Data analysis is a fundamental tool to manage your advertising investments on the web.

Understand your visitors

Thanks to measurement tools, discover the profile of the people present on your site, analyze the source of your visits, the performance of your content, etc. Follow the path of your leads through your pages. Where are they going? Which page converts the most? How much time is spent on your site? Is it qualified traffic? What is the number of page views? All these statistics are essential to know in order to adapt your web strategy.

Make better strategic decisions

The analysis of the collected data is only meant to allow you to make the right decisions for your website. Learning more about your traffic sources will allow you to adjust your strategies and prioritize your actions: should you optimize your SEO or spend more money on your advertising campaigns? Also, learning more about your visitors will allow you to orient your actions (conversion path, message, target) to better convert.

Use data for your ad campaigns

Every euro spent is important. That's why understanding your users and knowing who they are is good, and using this information to create precise audiences for your ad campaigns is even better! Data is only interesting if it is used wisely and this is what web analytics offers you.

Some study cases

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