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Our Social Media Agency is a triple competence: technical, marketing and human to boost your social networks and your brand image. Our 3 subsidiaries located in Paris, Grenoble and Lille offer you mixed media strategies to increase your notoriety, attract visitors and engage them!

Our work consists in setting up with you a Brand Content strategy adapted to your target and its needs. Each social network has its own codes that it is important to respect: selecting the right hashtags, posting at the right time, interacting with your audience. Our transversal approach combined with our multimedia and multi-sector expertise allows us to bring solutions to all your visibility issues.
We accompany you to assert your identity on the networks according to your needs and news. It's a real time saver to optimize your visibility, build loyalty with your audience and create a personalized contact with your community to turn them into customers. We create original contents and we guarantee your e-reputation.

We stand out from other social media agencies

We are an independent Social Media agency located in France
We are a Social Ads and Social Selling agency
Our experts include professional journalists who can provide you with quality content
We have a video studio and all the necessary equipment to boost your visibility
We work with art directors and designers to highlight your products, your services
We train you in social networks through a customized coaching program

Our methodology

A rigorous audit and a competitive benchmark

It is essential to start with a rigorous audit. Your project manager performs a granular analysis of your social media, whether or not you are already present on advertising platforms. Our teams also carry out a competitive benchmark to define the expectations of your customers and prospects, to highlight your strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of your competitors, and above all to position you in a differentiating way.

A conscious and concerted choice of the right networks to use

To determine the relevant networks to use, we define together the objectives to reach: improve your notoriety, work on your brand image, create a community, increase traffic on your site or increase your conversions… everything is examined with a fine-tooth comb. We then study the targets to be reached such as demographic data (age, gender, family status), geographical area, interests, or professional status (sector of activity, function…). Once the right networks have been identified, our teams will guide you to launch the machine !

A fine-tuned configuration

We open and set up the social media accounts on which it is relevant for you to be. Thanks to a grid of targeted questions, we create an editorial and visual line to follow as well as the semantic fields to use.

Angle, editorialize and create impactful content

We establish an editorial schedule with a frequency of publication and we list the prospects, customers and partners to follow in order to be on constant watch. Our community management experts can manage your accounts on a daily basis and set up influencer marketing campaigns. They can create content, launch contests, create partnerships with influencers and set up special operations.

Social selling awareness

We have created a social selling training to turn your employees into ambassadors on Linkedin. This gives visibility to your brand and credibility to your reputation: conferences, tutorials, webinars, jobs …. Did you know that it is now more interesting for your company to have employees make posts rather than posting on the company’s Linkedin page?

Monthly updates to give meaning to your data

Our job is to make sense of your data in order to rectify and improve your performance. To do this, our community managers carry out a monthly review in which they communicate the performance results of your website and each of your social media actions (engagement, influence, etc). They inform you in all transparency on the profitability of your different traffic sources and optimize your advertising investments to maximize your ROI.

In short, our social media agency is :

Triple technical, marketing and human skills to boost your social networks and your brand image. Our 3 subsidiaries located in Paris, Grenoble and Lille offer you mixed media strategies to increase your notoriety, attract visitors and engage them !

Integration of the social media strategy within an inbound marketing strategy
Implementation of marketing campaigns with influencers
Support from a strategic expert associated with each project
Creative staging of your content
Social selling training

PumpUp Social Media Agency, a guarantee of excellence

PumpUp is the web agency that improves your social footprint. How do we do that? By building your company's presence where your customers and prospects really are - on the right social networks.

This translates into interactions with your targets, mobilization of your community, conversational marketing, development of your e-reputation while extending the customer experience.

So, ready to refine your social media strategy to enter into conversation with your future customers?

Meet our Social Media experts

Apolline Morival - Traffic Manager

Apolline is a passionate traffic manager at PumpUp and is committed to finding the ideal recipe for an effective and profitable social media strategy! She works with the agency to structure, monitor and advise on e-business to develop your reputation.

Alexandrine Betbeder - Web/video content creator and Social Media Manager

Alexandrine worked at M6 Métropole Television as an assistant editor for a team of 8 people before joining PumpUp in 2015. She is now a web and video content creator in editorial strategy and community management. She helps companies develop their social media strategy. Her journalistic vision allows her to propose noticed and remarkable contents.

Our services

900 €

You want to review your strategy on social networks. We audit your activity, make a personalized recommendation and deliver a detailed action plan.

590 €/month

A presence for your brand on social networks is necessary. You have mobilized one or more resources and you want the support of an expert to structure the work to be done. Our Community Managers will accompany you every month to optimize your communications and make your community grow !

1 200 €/month

You need to be active on the different social networks and wish to outsource this work to a team of experts. Our "Community Managers" accompany you on a daily basis to make your brand and your community live !

Some key figures

4.33 billion active users (55% of the world population)
521 million new users (+14% between 2020/21)
On average it is 2h24 per day / user

Our clients talk about our expertise in social media

The Royal Lyon Hotel, MGallery of the Accor Hotel Group. This 5 star hotel, located in the heart of Lyon, wanted to develop its presence on social networks.

“Today we have 72 rooms in 6 different categories. We are a house of excellence located in Lyon, in the heart of the city, on Place Bellecour. We benefit from the distribution and marketing channels via Accor Hotel with two main sites and We also benefit from the Institut Paul Bocuse since we are a hotel-school of the Institute, which allows us to have a double role and a double image. Following the development of Accor Hotel in the digital world, we asked ourselves the question of going further and progressing on all aspects of social networks.
We called upon PumpUp, a local, human-sized and French agency.
PumpUp created an editorial line, i.e. structuring the thinking to be able to communicate on social networks. Who are we addressing? What is our target? What do we want to communicate about? What are the Do’s and Don’ts? PumpUp also creates content for our blog, they publish 2 articles per month. These are articles that are related to the news that takes place within the Royal Hotel, but also that are based on words that are strategic, keywords that are qualified and targeted and that will bring traffic both on the site and on the blog.
We have a very positive feedback, we have taken almost a thousand subscribers on Facebook. We have a regular follow-up on our accounts and we also notice that, because the posts are posted at the right times, are well analyzed by our project manager, they reach people more and more quickly. It’s more in the speed of the connection between Internet users that it works. In less than a year, subscribers have doubled on all platforms, as have visits to the blog. In terms of impressions, it’s increased fivefold.
PumpUp is responsive, the agency understood what we wanted and where we wanted to go. They understood that we wanted to be on networks, but without being too present, discreetly, but always being there.”

Read the full testimony

Benefits of a good social media strategy

Thanks to the activation of the right digital levers, the realization of a good advertisement on social networks allows you to: create and retain an audience, generate traffic, develop the notoriety of your brand.

Conquer new customers

Social media is a good solution to increase your customer acquisition source. Whether it is through a well-functioning community management or through social selling allowing you a quality commercial prospecting thanks to a refined targeting by network.

Develop conversations and interactions with your customers to build loyalty

Brands tend to forget the main objective of social networks: to be able to communicate and interact with their target. And yes, whether it's Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, these platforms have been developed for this primary purpose. It is therefore important not to make posts only for promotional purposes. Social platforms allow you to ask questions to your target, to create polls, to involve them and build loyalty through contests, etc. Digital communication must remain at the heart of your social media strategy. Don't forget that Internet users are looking for information, give them what they want !

Improve your SEO

It is called SMO, which means social media optimization or optimization for social networks. The purpose of social referencing is to promote content that redirects to your site. And who says increase of traffic, says increase of notoriety in the eyes of Google and therefore an improvement of the positioning on its search pages.

Some study cases


Founded in 1993, LABOSPORT is the world leader in the specialized sports surface certification market. As the leading laboratory dedicated to sports surfaces and equipment, LABOSPORT is at the forefront of the industry.

For a year, we accompanied Labosport on Linkedin. We have established an editorial line and we have set up sectorial and professional themes.

Present on the 5 continents, we wrote posts in both English and French.

My Prindis :

MyPrindis is a company of the IDS/Prindis group, a player in the gift wrapping industry for more than 20 years.

Based in Roncq (59), its headquarters gathers the creation, the administrative services and the logistics.

We set up a Social Media strategy and in this framework, we worked on the acquisition lever of each platform: LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

We created a coaching report containing both best practices and useful information to structure the accounts and animate them. We set up an editorial calendar as well as a monthly follow-up of the different KPIs to refine the strategy.

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