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The community management agency that boosts your brand awareness

Our community management agency accompanies you on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest…

Specialized in influencer marketing and social media, our digital agency guides you to build, animate and retain your community.

We have created a social media pole composed of community managers: art director, content creator, designer, videographer and photographer …. In total, a dedicated team of Social Media Managers. 

Influencer marketing requires a tight organization with regular community and audience management, thanks to User Generated Content.

We stand out from other community management agencies !


We are an independant agency


Our team build tailored media content for your social networks


We improve your digital impact through an innovative methodology based on emotional storytelling and in line with your brand.

More about our community management agency

Our Social Media experts know that to improve your company’s e-reputation on the Internet, you need to create links and engage your audience to be more audible.

We are here to help you speak out and engage your audience in line with your values.
Sustainable development, eco-responsibility, buy local or made in France …. the role of a community manager is to give meaning to your brand and highlight your assets and your differentiation.

We have created a method that focuses on the emotional part. Beyond the classic marketing tools, it is essential to integrate emotions into your content in order to achieve an effective brand awareness action.

Some key figures about social media

42% of French people say that social networks influence their purchasing behavior.

For example, 1.082 Billion monthly users worldwide use Instagram including 19 million French.

60% of Instagram users say they discover new products thanks to the social network… all these figures show us the power of the networks and their power on the behavior of Internet users.

Our methodology

We proceed in stages to launch your social media strategy.

an influence marketing audit. It all starts with a diagnosis and an audit of your site with the perspective of the targets and objectives to be reached
the realization of a sectorial and thematic benchmark in order to evaluate the positioning of each of your competitors to then work on your added values
the establishment of an editorial and creative brief
the establishment of dedicated and identified communities on each platform
the creation of an editorial line with the writing matrix for written and video content
identifying a network of influencers to develop your community
the development of an editorial calendar with the establishment of a monthly schedule
analysis and reporting monitoring of KPIs, performance indicators: interactions: comments, likes, shares..., reach: number of people who see the content and engagement with interactions / reach
a sectoral and thematic watch linked to each social network
e-reputation monitoring

How does community management work ?

The community manager takes care of the strategic and operational part of the digital communication of each client.
He is part of our Social Media team and handles the logistics of creation associated with content distribution.
Exchange, proximity and availability are part of his daily work.

Our traffics managers play a central role between the brand and each of our clients, they prioritize quality over quantity and write a precise and detailed monthly report on the actions implemented.

Our two visions to boost your brand awareness

Our digital marketing agency is specialized in positioning your brand image and your semantic and visual universe.
After a diagnosis of your social media maturity, we offer two types of support to help you engage and convert.

Management of your social networks

In this case, we take control of your accounts after having determined your main objectives and your communication axes. We create an editorial and graphic charter to set your speech then a community manager animates and interacts with your communities.
Target community, editorial style, tone, graphic and visual guidelines, everything is optimized beforehand.

Coaching in Social Media

If your digital maturity is more advanced, we can schedule coaching sessions to help you perform.
Of course, each coaching program is unique and personalized.
Once we have audited your accounts and your goals, we decide on a roadmap and a monthly schedule. Accompanied by a booklet and dedicated tutorials, we provide a summary document and checklists.

Trust us and let us become your brand ambassador ! Thanks to our webmarketing strategy of community management, we will build your messages by targeting your community.

Our services

2 500€

Audit of your social networks

1 200€

Our experts manage your social networks to increase your brand awareness.

They trust us

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