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Embody your uniqueness with your brand

A key component of your organization’s identity, your brand is the standard of what makes you unique. It is the synthetic reflection of the products and services you sell, of how you position yourself with respect to your competitors, of the communication you adopt with your customers and also of the commercial targets you address. It is a component that can help you sell your products better. A study by strategy consulting firm McKinsey & Co indicates that in 2014 strong brands outperform the market by 73%. This is a strong strategic differentiation axis that will be perceived favorably by the customer and can generate more sales and better margins. Stop trying to be everyone, become yourself! A strong brand is neither more nor less than an authentic version of your company, close to its customers.


  • How to define a strong brand without denying its identity?
  • How can I reduce my customer acquisition costs with a strong brand?
  • How to develop my notoriety?


  • Develop a strong brand with a good reputation in its sector
  • Reduce the cost of acquiring customers and prospects for the brand over the long term

Key numbers

  • In 2014, strong brands outperformed the market by 73%, 62% in 2013 (MacKinsey)

Unleash the potential of your corporate resources with a strong brand

Understanding personas

We make it a point of honor to spend the time necessary to co-construct your personas with you using a proven methodology that combines quantitative (data and macro-economic insights) and qualitative (customer interviews, forms, etc.) analysis of your customers and prospects. In marketing, a well-identified persona is the prerequisite to obtain results with webmarketing actions (content generation with an Inbound Marketing strategy, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.).

The definition of a specific identity

Our strategic marketing experts help our clients to reflect on a certain number of areas of work (the brand’s “raison d’être”, its ambitions and objectives and the major values that will guide the company’s choices), but also to question the brand’s differentiation. From these enlightening observations, concrete actions are taken to reinforce the brand’s image through the points of contact that customers and prospects have with it.

Improving the shopping experience

Building a strong brand means continuously improving the buying journey of your prospects and customers to deliver a memorable, authentic and relevant experience that will allow for incremental revenue growth by maximizing the customer experience.

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