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The personalized newsletter fits perfectly into an inbound marketing strategy. It is not a question of distributing impersonal newsletters, with the appearance of spam, to an entire database that may or may not be qualified, and that may or may not have given its consent. There is no need to disturb Internet users who have not asked for anything, that would be counterproductive. But, when used properly, the newsletter becomes an indispensable lever for any communication strategy. Not only does it allow you to feed a lead during the closing phase, but it also allows you to build customer loyalty.

As a relay of your content, the newsletter helps to feed your leads. Thanks to the creation of a contact list, it allows you to provide your various prospects with useful and relevant content that helps you establish a relationship with them.

The newsletter is also a major lever for loyalty. The conclusion of a sale is only the beginning of a relationship with the customer. Using the newsletter and emailing allows you to delight customers who have already purchased the company’s product or service. It can be a way to communicate specific information reserved for customers (promotions, private sales, new products…). Attention is the key to pleasure.


  • How to communicate with your leads?
  • How to transform your leads into customers?
  • How do you retain your customers to keep your business going?


  • Lead Nurturing with targeted content and the right medium
  • Increase sales
  • Make conversion actions profitable through loyalty

Key Numbers

  • 76% of newsletter subscribers claim to have already purchased a product or service by clicking on a link in the email.
  • Email has an average ROI of 4300%.
  • 98% of Internet users use email marketing.
  • An email with a single call to action can boost conversion by more than 350%.

Newsletter : build audience loyalty

The newsletter's strengths

In France, the opening rates remain high compared to the European neighbors. If its template is well designed, it does not require any particular technical knowledge to add new / modify elements. Finally, you use your e-mail database, which belongs to you. You remain more independent. It is an ideal lever of influence to reach your contacts.

What are the different types of emails?

There are three types of emails: the newsletter or relational email to inform your audience with content. It also allows you to maintain the relationship with your customers. The transactional email: you can bet on a high opening rate to pass, in an automatic email, your commercial message. This can be done by sending satisfaction questionnaires and feedback requests. Automatic informational email: the right message, to the right person, at the right time!

What are the key indicators to monitor?

Database size: The number of contacts in your email database Number of opt-in emails: The emails whose recipients have agreed to receive your email communications. Open Rate: The rate of people who opened your email. Click-through rate: The rate of people who clicked on at least one link. Deliverability rate: The rate of emails that arrived in your recipient’s mailbox. Unsubscribe rate: Rate of people who unsubscribed. Be careful, above 0.8%, it is high! Reactivity rate: Rate of people who opened your message and clicked on a link (between 90 and 95%).

What are the best practices?

1/ You need to test the best days and times of opening, according to your audience. 2/ Think of generalizing an AB test, either on the subject of your email, or on the message in the body of your email. And then follow your AB tests 3/ The size and the subject of the email, which must be well thought out. 4/ Perform a good deliverability test on the webmails, to guarantee a good reception of your email. 5/ Database hygiene: Think about asking for double opt-in to guarantee quality addresses and an email that will be really wanted and expected by your targets. 6/ Segmentation: think of segmenting your database, according to your targets (prospects / active customers / former customers …) 7/ RGPD: also respect the rules of the European data protection regulation. 8/ Your email must be responsive design in order to be displayed in an optimized way on all screens and devices of your targets. 9/ Think also about the landing page, which allows to optimize the results of your email campaign. 10/ Regular animation: think of soliciting your base with regularity, but be careful with the marketing pressure: too much solicitation kills the solicitation!

PumpUp's added value

We accompany you and do everything possible to help you choose the design of your newsletter or your email. Our experts will guide you according to your business objectives in your email and newsletter strategy. Regularly, one of our consultants will review your campaigns and their results with you. We follow your emailing performances and with you the completion of contact forms / leads. PumpUp is at your side from the development and monitoring of your campaigns, through performance reporting and continuous improvement of your results.

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