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A landing page is a page of your site dedicated to a precise and strategic goal for you: to give immediately what he is looking for to the visitor who arrives on your site. When a visitor clicks on a commercial link (Adwords, email marketing or net-linking), an alternative to your homepage must be optimized to meet the interest generated by the link.

That’s the important role the landing page plays: to exactly match the promise of your advertising message.

Redirecting a commercial link or a link in an emailing to a website can cause the user to “scatter” while navigating through the different pages. A well-designed landing page (i.e. relevant in content and effective in form) will significantly improve the return on investment of a commercial link or emailing campaign.

The main reason is that the presence of a specific landing page behind a link allows to guide the Internet user and to incite him to go to the next step, the one you have defined according to your campaign objectives.

In any case, giving your visitor a clear indication leaves them with no choice but to move in the direction you have indicated.

PumpUp offers you a specific action program on your landing pages that increases the conversion rate of your marketing activities.


  • How to optimize the traffic generated by commercial links?
  • How to increase sales and conversions?
  • What tools are needed to do this?


  • Present a relevant offer/information according to targeted objectives
  • Optimize traffic according to targeted objectives
  • Measure results to determine the effectiveness of the page and improve the conversion rate

Key numbers

  • Sites with more than 30 Landing Pages generate 7x more leads
  • Only 48% of sites create a new Landing Page to launch a new marketing campaign

Present relevant information according to targeted objectives

100% customized

Each element can be fully customized, helping you support your brand values while designing a page that’s fit for conversion.

Mobile Responsive

Our Landing Page templates are mobile friendly. You can easily switch between mobile and desktop views to ensure your pages look great on any device.

More conversions with Overlays

Increase sales and capture leads by placing targeted overlays on any landing page.

Works with WordPress

Embed your landing pages on any WordPress site. No DNS record or CNAME configuration is required. We just install the plugin and we can publish.

Dynamic text replacement

This system allows you to dynamically change selected keywords on the landing page to match what people are searching for. This makes your landing page consistent, increases your Google Ads quality level and increases conversions.

Enable custom form actions

When visitors complete your form, you can redirect them to a new page or show them a personalized confirmation message.

Video widgets and backgrounds

Need to embed videos? Do you need a video that plays automatically? We will integrate the appropriate widgets on your landing page for you.

Use full wallpapers

Explore the limits of the user experience on your landing pages by adding background images to the full width of the screen.

Parallax Scrolling

Enhance the user experience by using parallax scrolling to create a fluid 3D experience on your landing pages.

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