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AB Testing

Install tools to test the effectiveness of your website

The implementation of A/B tests is based on the competition of two elements in order to determine which one is the most efficient. This type of test is performed on strategic pages of your website in order to improve conversion and/or user experience. When enough data is retrieved, the results must be studied in relation to the initial objectives in order to perpetuate the best performing version of the page on the site.

A/B Testing consists of testing a variant of a website compared to a given original and retaining in production the most efficient of the two. Based on this principle, many variants can be put into production at the same time, to which the Internet user is redirected. This process is iterative and gradually leads to an overall improvement in the conversion rate. The more variables are tested and optimized, the more the test will benefit the conversion rate. Of course, it is important to prioritize according to the level of lead loss at each stage of the sales process.

The A/B test is relevant throughout the user’s journey on the website until he leaves it, whether or not he makes a purchase.

As a reminder, the conversion rate of traditional distribution is around 40-50% while that of internet stores is around 2%. There is therefore considerable room for improvement.

A/B testing is based on the path of visitors through the site. As such, each visitor can contribute to the test and to the improvement of the knowledge of their behavior, and thus to the real and not supposed performance of the site in question.

By basing itself on a statistical truth that is truly measured, PumpUp offers you this A/B testing methodology to improve the conversion rate of your site.


  • How to increase sales and conversions?
  • What tools are needed to test the effectiveness of your website?
  • How do you measure the objectives you are interested in?


  • Test the effectiveness of different versions of your pages
  • Measure the objectives that interest you
  • Optimize traffic according to your objectives
  • Increase the conversion rate

Key numbers

  • An A/B Test generates 30 to 40% more leads or sales for B2B sites and 20 to 25% more for B2C sites
  • The A/B Test also allows you to reduce the Bounce Rate by several points

Increase your sales with AB Testing

Increase your turnover

A/B testing experiments are the best way to optimize your conversions. The higher the level of lead loss at each stage of the process, the more benefit the test brings to the conversion rate.

Experimentation on any device

Support testing and experiment with optimized scenarios on web, mobile, iOS and Android applications.

Deliver targeted content in real time

Identify interesting behaviors with visual labels and customize your page based on browsing behavior, demographic information and other contextual clues.

Make decisions based on reliable data

Understand the impact of each A/B Test campaign with results based on industry-leading statistical engines. Our solutions are designed to help you achieve your ROI goals with measurable results you can understand.


Get more out of each campaign by integrating our A/B testing solutions with your favorite CMS (Magento, Prestashop, WordPress, Shopify).

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