8 Tips for introducing reinsurance in your Adwords campaigns

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Reinsurance, i.e. strengthening the trust of your visitors, is an essential element to turn your visitors into customers, yet it is often overlooked.

This is especially true for purchases or services involving luxury category.

Remember that your visitors do not know you. Performing an act of purchase and leaving bank details on your site is a great vote of confidence.

The reinsurance works upstream to turn your prospects into visitors and in particular via Adwords.

Group Announcements dedicated

1 / Create ad group dedicated to your branding campaign.

2 / Add specific keywords:

– Scam [your website]

– Review [your website]

– Returns [your website]

etc …

Our experience shows that many users do research before carrying out any act of purchase. It is therefore necessary to accompany them.
Indeed, once a site has the reputation in its field these requests appear. Unfortunately, if you do not advertise on these terms, the SEO will not work and you will have few satisfied customers who will speak on blogs or forums.

Only unhappy customers (and representatives also a small percentage of your customers) will speak, and messages, sometimes virulent, remain on the canvas and in the top positions even if you have set their problems.

Finally, note that a negative opinion has 5 times more impact than a positive opinion.

3 / Create ads dedicated

Your ads must include these keywords, eg Title « Reviews [your website] »

4 / Redirect to the customer testimonials page

Do not forget to redirect to a page that meets the search for your visitor, do not bring to the homepage under penalty of immediate rebound.

5 / Insert elements reinsurance directly in your ads:

Delivery price

Delivery time

Legal Back

Ad extensions

6 / location extension

One common misconception is the thought that his or her address is used to attract customers to a physical point of sale. Yes, but it is not only used for this function.

Showing your address via ad extensions is a powerful lever for reinsurance

This will show your real existence, you will no longer be a simple site among others; your customers know that if they have a issue they can turn to a reputable company that has « storefront ».

Do not hesitate to use the location extension as one element of reinsurance.

7 / Extension Call

The objective is the same as the location of extension.

However, it is unlikely that your visitors come to visit you, some do not hesitate to call you.

So you must have the time and resources required to meet under penalty of making a negative.

If you already put forward a number on your website do not hesitate to use ad extension!

8 / Extending Social Network

Yet, although used very little, it shows a new element of seriousness. It will also make the connection with your Google+ Page and allow you to interact « socially » with your visitors.

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